Did you know that learning a martial art does more than teach your kids to protect themselves? It's also a fun, healthy activity that helps children build self-confidence and self-esteem. At Jompikad Muay Thai Gym, we do more than offer kickboxing training to adults who want to get in shape. We also offer kids martial arts classes that help your kids excel in every aspect of their lives.

If you live any where in or near Norwalk, CT, we're just a convenient walk or drive away. We're happy to sign your kids up for classes and empower them to succeed.

Excellent Kids Martial Arts Classes in Norwalk, CT

Our founder, Eddie Martinez, started studying martial arts at age six. Since that time, he's become an expert in various martial arts techniques and in teaching kids howto use martial arts to learn, grow,and increase their ability to believe in themselves.

In particular, we offer fun Muay Thai kids classes that help kids release some of their energy through cardio exercise. Kids enjoy our interactive workouts,and they also enjoy learning about the importance of respecting themselves and others, staying strong and healthy throughout their lives, and cultivating self-discipline.

Our kids martial arts classes are suited to kids from all skill levels and all ages. We help the kids in our classes work together and to develop friendships as they build each other up.

Muay Thai Training for Everyone in the Area

Muay Thai is a unique, exciting martial art that originated in Thailand-in fact, it's still Thailand's national sport. Muay Thai combines kickboxing with grappling and other martial arts techniques,and it involves every part of the body, which means it always provides you with a great workout. If you want to get your kids involved in this fun sport,call us today at 203-354-4998. We'll give you more information about Muay Thai, talk to you about your child's skill level,and explain why Muay Thai is a great option for kids of all ages. You can also email us or visit our studio in Norwalk, CT. 

Fun, Empowering Kids MartialArts Classes in Norwalk, CT